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Piano&Drums in 1
Wireless To PC
Portable & Easy
Change Tones or Octaves
You, Are Philharmonic
Thousands of Instruments & Scores & Games Teaching

Press Numbers of Scores to Play Pianos at Once

Catch Fishes on Software to Play Drums at Once



All DoMiSo (Symphony Instruments) has the same functions

What's DoMiSo? (All DoMiSo (Symphony Instruments) has the same functions.)
1. "DoMiSo Symphony Instruments" is the first  Symphony Instruments in the world invented by DoMiSo Corporation Limited.
2. DoMiSo mainly includes "DoMiSo Symphony Software" (USB-Disk) and "DoMiSo Symphony Hardware".
3. 1-Finger Play. Pianos & Drums in 1.
4. 2.4G wireless USB connection to any Windows computer.
4. There are 189 music instruments (almost all) in DoMiSo for you to choose.
5. Thousands of Music Scores inside DoMiSo. Game Teaching (catch fish).
6. You can Immediately Play Symphony and Drums of the Songs You Can Sing by DoMiSo.
7. DoMiSo is for interest usages and professional performance. You can practice your fingers for playing pianos & drums by DoMiSo. What you have played can be recorded as files and be loaded later. Auto-change 12 Majors into C-Major. Freely change octaves from A0 to C8 in piano.
8. You are a philharmonic using DoMiSo. DoMiSo makes you become one's DoMiSo Computer Philharmonic (DCP).

What is different between DoMiSo and "Traditional Music Instruments (TMI)"?
1. TMI are maybe expensive, maybe big, maybe heavy, maybe hard to carry, and hard to learn. DoMiSo is cheap, small, light, and easy to carry to everywhere, and very easy to play (game teaching: catch fish).
2. TMI maybe need to tune up before you play, but DoMiSo's pitch and timber are standard without tuning up.
3. TMI maybe has only one music timbre, but DoMiSo has many kinds of different music timbres for you to choose freely and easily.

The 3rd-generation DoMiSo Symphony Instruments / Hand Roll-up Piano / Drum Kit with the same functions: Piano&Drums in 1; Intelligent, Wireless (Hand Roll-up Piano), Portable & Easy to Use, Convenient for Show; Press Numbers of Scores to Play Pianos at Once; Catch Fishes on Software to Play Drums at Once

DoMiSo Connection Map

    1 Set Includes 1 DoMiSo Symphony Hardware
1 DoMiSo Symphony Software (USB-Disk)
1 2.4G wireless USB head receiver
1 Instruction Manual & Warranty
1 Package
2 AAA Batteries (NOT Offered)


    Battery 2 AAA batteries    
    Life 36 months repair    
    Connection Connect with computer to play symphony of 189 music instruments. Parameters for your music box: frequency response can be 20Hz-20KHz, power can be decided by usages (performance needs 80W or so)    
    Music Instruments 189 music instruments are here    
    UsageNotes See Q/A for DoMiSo Symphony Software & Hardwares    
    Inventor DoMiSo Invetor: Dr. DoMiSo (Postdoc. of Physics | Music Scientist)    
    VedioCourse Visit    
DoMiSo Corporation Limited
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CE: STE111019971; RoHS: STR111019318; FCC: 11021344


      Accessories DoMiSo Symphony Software (USB-Disk) (Included in 1 set of product)

Download DoMiSo Symphony Software / DoMiSo Music Software: visit DoMiSo Symphony Software (USB-Disk). Free or demo version of DoMiSo is in

DoMiSo Symphony Software (USB-Disk)

    Market From Junary, 2013    
    SystemSupport DoMiSo Symphony Software/Hardware support Windows; DoMiSo Symphony Hardware support iOS (iPad/iPhone) & Android In consideration of pirates, now Windows version of DoMiSo is available for market, and iOS/Android version of DoMiSo can be delivered for partners of hardware combinations.